An Interactive Course on Python Programming

The Kurdish Mathematical Society offers a free online course on the Python programming language. This will be a comprehensive course covering the fundamentals of Python programming as well as advanced topis and features. The course will be delivered online and is curated to be thoroughly interactive with live lessons, exercises, assignments and projects. Students will have the chance to ask their questions in real time during the lectures while they are writing and compiling their codes following the given tasks. The language of instruction will be Kurdish, and there will be two lectures per week, each for 1.5 hours, starting from the first week of November 2023. Further details regarding the complete schedule and technicalities will be provided after the registration period.


Participants will be required to attend at least 80% of the classes and pass the assessment criteria of the course, which may have various forms such as quizzes, assignments, projects, tests, etc., that will be determined by the instructor. By the end of the course, successful students will receive certificates acknowledging their successful completion of the course.


Registration for the course will be open from October 15 to October 20. The registration link will be available during this period. 

The capacity of the course will be limited, that is, we may not be able to admit all those whose register. Therefore, admission will be granted based on some criteria that will be clarified later. After the registration period, admitted participants will be informed via their registered emails.


For further details and enquiry on the course or in case of any issues with registration or later about the course technicalities, please contact the organizers through